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Aunty MJune 07, 2020

Recurring Orders, 
we have had a lot of requests for this service and have struggled to find an application that meets the our needs.
However we have now come up with a process that will allow you to have your set boxes or build your own delivered every week, for more information Contact Us  for further information.

As a special introductory offer all our Pantry Pack Purchases, over $55.00 will be shipped Nationally FREGHT FREE, please note this will not be an over night service. Limited time only. 

Just added and not as common in the supermarkets, is the Oakley  Baby Trio Gourmet Potatoes.Super tasty we are sure you will enjoy. 

Watercress and Beetroots are our latest additions of produce to our Veggie deliveries this week. 


Pantry Packs are proving very popular with an ever growing range of products. If you have any special delivery Instructions, please leave a note at the bottom of the cart.

17/06/20 would like to welcome the residents of Lifestyle Villages within the Kapiti Region. We have set up your own purchasing section on homepage and you can use your unique code at checkout to purchase these products. Feel free to contact us if you need any help :-)

Latest to the range of products is the House of Dumplings Mums Sauce and Chilli Oil. Super tasty and a nice addition to our growing selection of quality products.


Rocket is out of stock as colder weather conditions cause growing to slow, will be available for next week.

Broccoli and Cauliflower growth slowing, expect prices to rise. 


New season Avocados come out in early June, hope to have them up ASAP.


Look for Capsicum prices to rise as availability starts to dwindle.

As we move towards Winter, please email or leave a note at the bottom of your cart page, for any special placement of your purchased delivery.

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