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The Greenbean.nz Team

The Greenbean.nz Team

Whether you’re new to Greenbean.nz or one of our long time loyal customers, we thought you’d like to get to know us.From left to right:
Grace is our lovely delivery driver! She is the one who takes good care of your boxes and makes sure they all get delivered safely. On non-delivery days shes involved with the prep side of things.
Next is Paula the big boss 😉 She runs the show around here and makes sure everything is all packed perfectly before heading out to our customers!
Lastly, we have me - Jamie. I’m often the one behind the camera and run all of the social media accounts. As well as being a part time photographer, I’m involved with all the prepping and packing of your orders.
As you can tell were a small business with a big heart and we take pride in the quality of the produce we put out. 😁