Up & Rolling, Bring on 2020

Up & Rolling, Bring on 2020

Really nice to be Up & Rolling with our business Greenbean.nz.

If your looking for a challenge in life, then getting a new start up business off the ground from conception to fruition will definitely provide you with that.
I am sure as anyone who has ventured into a new business will agree that it takes a hell of a lot of commitment, belief, focus, dedication, funding and the trust of your spouse and family.
Would we have it any other way, my guess if it was that easy, then the end result of achieving your goals, might not be as special.

So where are we after a solid six months of commitment then?. 
It would be fair to say we are over the moon with the where we are to date.
Sales have been ticking over and as each week goes by the response has definitely been an awesome part of the process.
When you have complete faith in the quality of the product, then this alone goes along way to providing that feedback. Service is obviously another key element and the good thing about starting off new is you can move fairly quickly to the markets needs.

We have made the necessary purchases to back up the quality of produce we receive and while certain items can tend to be on the expensive side. It is our belief that these key items allow you to sleep with confidence at night, knowing your goods are in the best condition.

Making the right call is something you never quite know until you get rolling. We for example basically ended up building two websites in the end. Our first platform, while very user friendly and more suited towards a brochure ware site,became a bit of a night mare when trying to incorporate the online sales requirements for card transactions, purchase of goods, stock management etc.
We had just delivered our first lot of samples into Wellington and had instant success with immediate sales and to have this set back, was to say the least, a pain in the arse.

But you take the hit move on (chuck more money at it) and push through, this in all reality is your only option. The most important thing is you learn and put the right steps in place to go forward.

So here we are 2020 and really looking forward to getting into it. We have some exciting changes happening and can't wait to share them with you.There will no doubt be more  challenges to tackle,but this in all reality is the nature of the beast.
We look forward to bringing you stories of our awesome suppliers and introducing you to more of their produce
Best part of our business though is meeting all our great customers and it goes without saying, we really appreciate all of you. So Lets go and look forward to seeing you all again soon -).

All the best from the greenbean.nz team,
Paula, Jamie, Maree and Mike

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