This allows us to keep our costs to a minimum, makes sense really, if we can deliver multiple bags to one location (as opposed to individual addresses) then we can pass those savings on.
Also keeps the food mileage nice and low.

We are initially concentrating on delivering to Wellington CBD. Feel free to drop us a line if you would like us to deliver to your work. 

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Tuesdays works well as we can source and package all the orders from the weekend on Monday. This allows us to guarantee you will receive the freshest produce for the new week. We will be looking to add a Friday Delivery very soon and this will get you through the weekend :-)

All orders need to be placed by no latter than 8.00am Sunday Morning, prior to the Tuesday Delivery.

No the Jute Bags are free with each purchase, however we will be looking to run a bag exchange for reorders. So next time you purchase just bring your Jute bag back and we will swap it with your new order bag. PS bags only please.

We are purchasing in bulk and trying to give our growers as much notice as possible on our requirements, this lets us purchase at the best rate and allows our growers to make good money for their efforts. We are then able to pass these savings on to you. Along with the free Jute bags, the configuring of each individual order and then the free delivery of goods. Being able to purchase in bulk is essential to our working model.

Yes you can by  purchasing products from the boost section.

We aim to supply you with the best quality fruit and vegetables that nature can provide. If you are missing something from your bag, or you receive something that is poor quality, please let us know and we will credit you the item or something to similar value in your next bag. 

Due to the nature of nature, sometimes our suppliers are unable to deliver what we have requested. If this is the case we will have to substitute it with something else at the last minute. Unfortunately sudden changes in weather can slow growth down or a grower may not have as much of a crop as they estimated. This will mean a last minute change to the veggie bag contents.