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Large Veggie Box (Subscription Available)


This box is perfect for 3 - 4 people for a weekly supply of produce with a mix of fresh seasonal veggies. You can 'boost' your box by selecting additional produce from our store. 

Contents in this box will start from delivery date 07/06/23

This week’s box contains: 

  • Leek (1)
  • Broccoli (1)
  • Pumpkin 1/4
  • Brown onion (2)
  • Cabbage 1/2
  • Yams 400gm
  • Potatoes 1kg
  • Carrots (3)
  • Lettuce  (1)
  • Spinach (1)
  • Beetroot 500gm
  • Coriander
If there is something you DON’T want in the box please comment in the cart/checkout page and we will swap with ONE item only (of similar value) of your choice from the extras.

    Please Note:  Due to being able to order 2 weeks out before delivery the contents may vary slightly.

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